Bible Study 2 Samuel 22

Step 1:  Opening and Introduction to the lesson – Personal Testimonies from last week’s study and Reflection:  Which of the following typifies your way of making music:  Composing a song?  Singing in the shower?  Singing in the church choir?  Making a joyful noise?  Playing music?  Try picturing God as you did when you were a child.  How did you draw God?  What were in his hands and feet?  What color was God?  What words came out of his mouth?  

Step 2:  Hear – Read:  David’s Song of Praise (Part 1):  2 Samuel 22:1-25.

Step 3:  Explore – Discover the Passage

  1. If you had to express the emotions of David’s song in music, what types of music would you pick and why?  What refrains would you dramatize?  What solo parts stand out?  Where would you signal the musical crescendo? 
  • Would you say this song (also Ps 18) sums up accurately David’s life to date and his relationship with God?  What about this song reflects his triumph over foreign enemies (8:1-14) and Saul (1Sa 18-31)?  Do you suppose this song was written before or after his adultery with Bathsheba (ch. 11-12)?  Why?
  • David spent much time hiding from Saul in rocks and caves.  What insight does this give you into the meaning of God as my rock, my fortress, and my stronghold (vv. 3-4)?
  • Nowhere in 1 or 2 Samuel did the cosmic events of verses 5-20 actual happen to David.  Why then does he use such figurative language to describe how God saved him?  To what other redemptive experiences in Israel’s collective history is he alluding?
  • In likening God’s rescue of David to what God did for the nation Israel at the Red Sea or Mt. Sinai, what does that say about God’s redemptive love for individuals?  What else does vivid imagery say about God’s justice?

Step 4:  Connect – Apply the Passage:

  1. This psalm was used with ref. to Jesus (v. 50; see Ro 15:9).  What new meaning does that give you here into David’s claim to be sinless?  What new insights might these verses give you into the victorious rule of a future Messiah, the Son of David?

B.  Most religions of the world teach their followers to honor, fear or appease their God.  What does it mean to you that we can come to our God as David does in verse 2?

      C.  Do you feel like God would shake heaven & earth to save you?  Or don’t you think God would lift a finger to save you?  Knowing you are worth that much effort to him, and that he delights in you, what does that do for your motivation to praise God to those who do not know him?

Step 5:  Reflect:  The Lord is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, … my shield, …my salvation.