Daily Devotion and Prayer for August 9th


Reading Deut 32:1-16The Song of Moses – “Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak, and let the earth hear the words of my mouth. May my teaching trickle like the dew, my words like rain showers on tender grass, and like spring showers on new growth….

This Daily Devotion covers the first five books of the Bible, Genesis through Deuteronomy also called the Books of Moses or the Pentateuch, in a period of one year in a Monday through Friday format, the Psalms and order of devotion follow those presented in The Treasury of Daily Prayer from Concordia Publishing House.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


     Hear my prayer, O Lord; give ear to my pleas for mercy!

     In your faithfulness answer me, in your righteousness! 

     Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan,

     and he hears my voice. 

     Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you;

     He will never permit the righteous to be moved. 

Psalm 94:8-15

8  Understand, O dullest of the people! Fools,

when will you be wise? 

9  He who planted the ear, does he not hear?

He who formed the eye, does he not see? 

10  He who disciplines the nations,

does he not rebuke? He who teaches man knowledge— 

11  the LORD—knows the thoughts of man,

that they are but a breath. 

12  Blessed is the man whom you discipline,

O LORD, and whom you teach out of your law, 

13  to give him rest from days of trouble,

until a pit is dug for the wicked. 

14  For the LORD will not forsake his people;

he will not abandon his heritage; 

15  for justice will return to the righteous,

and all the upright in heart will follow it. 

Reading Deut 32:1-16

The Song of Moses

32      “Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak,

and let the earth hear the words of my mouth.

May my teaching trickle like the dew,

my words like rain showers on tender grass,

and like spring showers on new growth.

For I will proclaim the name of Yahweh;

ascribe greatness to our God!

The Rock, his work is perfect,

for all his ways are just;

he is a faithful God, and ?without injustice?;

righteous and upright is he.

They have behaved corruptly toward him;

they are not his children; this is their flaw,

a generation crooked and perverse.

Like this do you treat Yahweh,

foolish and ?unwise? people?

Has he not, your father, created you?

He made you, and he established you.

Remember the old days, ?the years long past?;

ask your father, and he will inform you,

your elders and they will tell you.

?When the Most High apportioned? the nations,

at his dividing up of the sons of humankind,

he fixed the boundaries of the peoples,

according to the number of the sons of God.

For Yahweh’s portion was his people,

Jacob the share of his inheritance.

10 He found him in a desert land,

and in a howling, desert wasteland;

he ?encircled him?, he cared for him,

he protected him like the ?apple? of his eye.

11 As an eagle stirs up its nest,

hovers over its young,

spreads out its wings, takes them,

carries them on its pinions,

12 so Yahweh alone guided him,

and ?there was no foreign god accompanying him?.

13 And he set him on the high places of the land,

and he fed him the crops of the field,

and he nursed him with honey from crags,

and with oil from flinty rock,

14 With curds from the herd,

and with milk from the flock,

with the fat of young rams,

and rams, the offspring of Bashan,

and with goats along with the finest kernels of wheat,

and from the blood of grapes you drank fermented wine.

15 And Jeshurun grew fat, and he kicked;

you grew fat, you bloated, and you became obstinate;

and he abandoned God, his maker,

and he scoffed at the rock of his salvation.

16 They made him jealous with strange gods;

with detestable things they provoked him.

Lord’s Prayer

Daily Prayer

     Lord Jesus, You have joined us to Yourself in Holy Baptism and made our bodies a temple of Your Holy Spirit.  May the fruit of the Spirit be born in our bodies as we show forth in the world Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, for against such things there is no law; for You live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Concluding Prayer

Heavenly Father, send Your Holy Spirit into our hearts to direct and rule us according to Your will, to comfort us in all our afflictions, to defend us from all error, and to lead us into all truth; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.