May 4, 2015 Church Blog, Events0

Can you spare some time and help our church as a Trustee?

Who is a Trustee? Church member and leader coordinating the purchase, repair, and replacement of
church property and equipment. Member of Church Council (1 meeting per month).

Responsibilities: Not a Do It Yourselfer (DIY) position. Coordinate upkeep of all properties to include
immediate repairs of an immediate nature. Coordinate contracts, work schedules and insurance policies.
Leadership role in determining custodial requirements for the church.

Trustee leader attends Church Council meetings with proposals for seeking approval for specific items of
concern. Church Council and Trustee(s) have developed a list of contractors/vendors for reference.

Trustee is an elected position for 3 years. We are seeking a member not to do the work but to be a coordinator and identify concerns to be addressed before they reach the critical stage. You could consider a Trustee to be our property and equipment watchdog. As amember of Church Council, the Trustee can coordinate and seek input from other members.
Won’t you consider this position? Contact Church
Council President, Dave Spafford or call him at 334-2111 for information.