Sunday Bible Study: Jesus Changes Water to Wine

Sunday Bible Study: Jesus Changes Water to Wine

Step 1:  Opening and Introduction to the lesson – Personal Testimonies from last week’s study and Reflection:  What is the funniest thing you’ve witnessed at a wedding?  What is the most unusual wedding you’ve been to?  When was a time your mother embarrassed you in public?

Step 2:  Hear – Read:  Jesus Changes Water to Wine.  John 2:1-12.

Step 3:  Explore – Discover the Passage

  1. What is your first reaction to this story?  Do you identify more with Mary or Jesus in this story?  Why?  If you had been the bridegroom, how would you have felt when you heard about the new wine?
  • Jesus is not known as a miracle-worker, so why does Mary approach him (v.3)?  How do you imagine Jesus felt about his mother’s suggestion that he do something about the wine?  How does Jesus respond?
  • Why do you think Jesus chose this event for his first miracle?  What was the result in the lives of Jesus’ new disciples?
  • How is Jesus’ power exhibited here and for what purpose?  What is meant by the word, “sign” to describe this miracle?  What does Jesus’ first sign manifest (1:14)?  What signs did God use to bring you to Christ?

Step 4:  Connect – Apply the Passage:

  1. Where is the wine level (zest for life) in your life right now:  Full?  Half Full?  Empty?  What is draining you?  
  • What area seems like stale water in an old jug?  How could Jesus bring celebration back into your life?
  • What sign led you to put your faith in Jesus?
  • In what area of your life do you need a miracle right now?

Step 5:  Reflect:  …He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him.

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