Sunday Bible Study: Jesus’ First Disciples

Sunday Bible Study: Jesus’ First Disciples

Step 1:  Opening and Introduction to the lesson – Personal Testimonies from last week’s study and Reflection:  When you get some good news, who is the first person you want to share it with?  Why?  As a child, what would it take for you to believe something your brother or sister told you?

Step 2:  Hear – Read:  Jesus’ First Disciples.  John 1:35-51.

Step 3:  Explore – Discover the Passage

  1. How would these first disciples be accepted into leadership roles in your church today?  Which one would you most like to have as a pastor?
  • In light of verses 30-31, how do you think John felt when his disciples left him to follow Jesus?  What does that say about John?  What motivated the disciples of John to follow Jesus?  What motivated Andrew to tell Simon about him?
  • How do you think Simon felt when Jesus changed his name to Cephas (meaning rock)?  Compare the ways John, Andrew, and Philip identify Jesus.
  • What helped Nathanael overcome his initial skepticism about Jesus?  In this passage, how many different titles are attributed to Jesus?  Which title means the most to you? 

Step 4:  Connect – Apply the Passage:

  1. Which one of the disciples are you most like when it comes to following Jesus:  Andrew and Philip – spreading the news?  Peter – a new creation?  Nathanael – moving from doubt to strong belief?  
  • What was your motive for initially following Jesus?  What were the circumstances that led you to do so?  How much did you know about him?
  • What have you learned from these examples to help you present Christ to your friends?  What is one way you can follow Jesus more closely in the coming week?

Step 5:  Reflect:  …you shall see heaven open and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.