Sunday Bible Study: The World Hates the Disciples

Step 1:  Opening and Introduction to the lesson:  Have you ever been to a large group or reunion of someone else’s family?  How did you feel?

Step 2:  Hear – Read:  The World Hates the Disciples:  John 15:18 thru16:4.

Step 3:  Explore – Discover the Passage

  1. Since the emphasis in 15:9-17 was on love, why does Jesus now talk about hate?  What does Jesus mean here by the world?  How is the relationship of the disciples to the world like that of Jesus’ relationship to it?
  • What three reasons does Jesus give for the world’s hatred of his disciples (compare vs 25 with Ps. 35:19; and Ps. 69:4)?  Why should the disciples expect persecution? 
  • What do you see in the relationship between the Father, Jesus and the disciples?
  • For what reasons is the world inexcusable for its sin?  How has Jesus’ coming highlighted the reality and evil of sin (vv. 22, and 24)?  What good is the warning in verse 16:4?
  • To what two witnesses does Jesus refer (compare John 5:30-47)?  How is the Counselor related to truth? 

Step 4:  Connect – Apply the Passage:

  1. When have you found that speaking truth and showing love can lead to hostility from others?  How do you explain that?  Why should you expect persecution? 
  • How do you handle people who are religious but not godly? 
  • How does the presence of the Counselor stabilize your life against the world’s hatred?   

 ow can you fulfill this commandment    

  • Where do people you know, struggle to be in the world, but not of the world?  What help can you offer them?

Step 5: Reflect:  I will send to you from the Father, the Spirt of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me.  And you also must testify…

Pinnacle Lutheran Church